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Utopia Ultimate Software Solutions is an IT company that develops software for companies from various industries. We are able to offer comprehensive programming and consulting services. Our mission is to help enterprises by providing IT solutions strictly tailored to their needs.

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Let us split your requirements to particles and put together perfect solutions for them.

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We do functional, system, graphic and UX/UI design according to your guidelines and the industries best practices.

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mobile apps

Beautiful and user-friendly mobile and cross-platform apps that feel familiar right from the start.

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web apps

Responsive, fast, tidy, purposeful and easy to navigate web apps.

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Flexible, scalable and extendable microservice-based architectures.

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Integration with the cloud will help you minimize development and operational costs.

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Android iOS

A chat application with unique features and media support. We took over the codebase of a simple chat without any proper design, we equipped it with a lot of features, animations and a cute design and prepared it for monetization, including integration with numerous payment systems. We used Flutter, TypeScript, Firebase (including Firestore, Functions and Auth components).

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Android iOS

An innovative dating app combining powerful and intuitive chat with advanced matching algorithms. We’ve created the cross-platform app with amazing UI/UX as well as the server-side components from scratch. We used Flutter, Kotlin, Ktor, Neo4j, AWS.

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Smart Vendor

Android iOS Web

A comprehensive tool for organizing and optimizing merchant’s and company’s work including advanced matchmaking features. The system has 100+ active company users and is widely adopted in certain industries throughout Central and Eastern Europe. We have built it with Java, Play Framework, React, TypeScript.

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Android iOS

A mobile wallet application dedicated for Ercoin cryptocurrency. The Android app integrates it with external blockchain APIs. It was written in Flutter.

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My name is Thomas and I'm the COO of Utopia Ultimate Software Solutions.

I would love to hear about your ideas and challenges. Together with our team we can figure out how to achieve your business goals and advance your companies development.

To get in touch, please use my contact details or the contact form. We're waiting to hear from you!

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